Academic Events and Workshops

Upcoming Seminars 

Institutional Ethnography Colloquium
Hosted by the Department of Integrated Studies in Education
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“Demystifying Scoping Reviews: Best Practices and Applications in Clinical Practice and Health Professions Education” – Dr. Thomas and Dr. Young

CIHR and FRQS Workshops 2018

FMGSS will be hosting workshops to assist students in their scholarship application preparation. These workshops are extremely useful for giving students an overview of what is expected at the different stages of application and give tips on how to prepare excellent quality applications. They are led by students who have been successful in obtaining these awards. It is highly recommended to attend these sessions if you are considering applying for CIHR or FRQS awards at any level of graduate study.

If you have any questions regarding the workshops, please contact VP Academic.

Mentorship Program

Are you a new student looking for some advice or a student peer to talk about classes, thesis, adjusting to life in Montreal? Our upper year students have lots of wisdom they are just waiting to share with you about being a graduate student in the Department of Family Medicine! Your graduate representatives will find an upper year student that would be best suited to help you with your questions about the program and share their tidbits of knowledge. Please contact your student representative (M.Sc. or PhD) and let them know you’d like to be matched up with a mentor!